About Us

Lodha Chemicals is a largest single source of its kind in India which holds, maintains a broad and expanding product portfolio that brings quality materials and innovative solutions to customers around the world.

We source and export a wide range of High Purity Fine Chemicals, Food & Addictives, Raw material, Speciality Oils, Lubricants and Speciality Chemicals for Paint, Coating, Plastics, Polyurethance as well as Chemicals for & Water Treatment Industry, Mining & Rubber Industries.

We believe that to succeed in an increasingly competitive chemical industry, we must have efficient operations, a sustainable competitive advantage, global presence and financial flexibility. In our facilities, researchers work with our customers to identify and develop the next generation of products and technology Wherever you look at Lodha, you'll find our people making our products better and operations safer, and giving customers the highest possible level of service.

With Lodha's continues richness to be a leader in reliability, responsibility and quality products, we are able to bring about the perfect blend of the contemporary, deep comprehension and excellent research & development of the chemical industry. The success and strength of our company can be attributed to:

  • Competitive team - We continuously strive as a team to provide high quality products and services that meet or exceed customer satisfaction levels.
  • Ethical strategies
  • Prompt delivery services
  • Transparency
  • Stringent quality control

Because we understand the market needs, we can respond more quickly with competitively advanced products to our clients. Because we have global vision, we can provide advanced products that enable our customers to grow where they want to - in Europe, Latin America, Africa, South America, CIS Countries, Middle East, U.S.A or Asia - in both established and emerging markets.

Lodha offers solutions rather than just products to our customers, which have helped us, nurture strong and everlasting bonds with our customers across the world.

The quality management system is frequently upgraded based on customer feedback and expectations, in order to glorify their level of satisfaction our commitment, dedication and expertise ensure the best products & service to our clients

We believes always that quality is the paramount to success. Lodha Chemical's priority has always been to sustain the quality without any compromise. Quality Assurance being a vital parameter in the chemical industry has been managed effectively over the years. We focus on the commitment towards our esteemed customers and are known for consistency in quality and the excellent services rendered. This makes our products meet the various requirements of our customers and satisfy their valued demands with us.

Being a responsible cooperate organization, our company always takes care of the quality.


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